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How to Use a Voltmeter to Make your ElectroBraid® Fence as Safe as Possible (Fence Testing Made Simple)

For best results in all soil conditions, use the Positive-Negative System. Many natural conditions can reduce the shock your horse receives. The climate in your area may be very dry. A dry spell may remove the moisture from the ground. Sandy soil may not provide a good earth return. Snow and ice can insulate the ground.

An electric fence must produce a substantial shock. A Positive-Negative System will always produce a substantial shock even when your Earth Return does not. Please see our Installation Manual for details.

With a Positive-Negative System, it is easy to measure the voltage on your fence with either a digital voltmeter or a 5-light Voltmeter. Follow these steps:

Testing Your Fence

Testing your fence is working properly is simple...

First, go to the point of your fence which is most distant from your ground system and read the voltage between the second-from-the-top grounded line and each of the other electrified fence lines to confirm that the fence is wired properly with no electrical shorts. Then and most importantly, check the voltage between each electrified fence line and the soil under the fence. Place the gound pin on the voltmeter about a half inch into the soil at any high points or dry areas in the paddock to make sure you are getting at least 5,000 volts. If all readings are over 5,000 volts, your fence is working properly.

TIP: Test after rain when conditions are wet to best determine if there are any electrical shorts. Shorts are more easily detected in wet conditions.

TIP: Test when conditions are very dry to confirm that you have adequate grounding. In particular, test where the fence runs over high terrain or through areas that might be especially dry.

TIP: Listen for crackling sounds or look for arcing at night to locate any shorts in your fence.

These simple tests will assure you that your ElectroBraid® fence is properly installed. Please monitor your fence on a regular schedule using your Voltmeter.

If you have any questions, please call us. We want to help!

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