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ElectroBraid® Fence FAQs

Is this a permanent or temporary fence?

ElectroBraid® is versatile. ElectroBraid® can stand alone as a permanent perimeter fence or it can be used as a portable, temporary fence; added to protect a board or wire mesh fence; or combined with vinyl or pipe.

Will an electric fence harm my animals or children?

No. The safety of a two-year-old child is the criterion applied by national testing laboratories, such as UL and CSA, to certify the safety of an electric fence energizer. The electric pulse put out by an energizer is so short (about 3/10,000 of a second) it hurts but it cannot injure. Once shocked, neither you nor any animal wants to touch the electric fence again.

Can I use any energizer with ElectroBraid® ?

No. Please ensure your energizer is low impedance and certified safe by UL or CSA. It is vital the energizer you choose be powerful enough to meet your needs. In the competitive market of energizers, manufactures considerably overstate the length of fence each energizer is capable of electrifying. A simple rule of thumb is to match your length of fence to 1/10th the energizer's rating.

WARNING: NEVER use an Energizer labeled "WEED BURNER" or "WEED CHOPPER"; they are unsafe and will damage ElectroBraid® ".

NOTE: ElectroBraid® uses pure copper, which is the third best electrical conductor next to silver and gold. Copper is 70 times more conductive than stainless steel.

Can I really space posts up to 50 feet apart?

Yes! Spacing does depend on your weather and terrain. The standard spacing we recommend is 50 feet. This means less posts, less work, less cost and less maintenance! If you have rolling terrain or high snow fall you may want to reduce spacing to 25-30 feet.

What type of posts do I require?

You can use any type of fence post that you want, as long as the Braid is insulated. Most customers choose wooden posts - 6" diameter for ends and corners, and 3-4" for line posts. Fiberglass posts do not require insulators. T-posts can also be used.

Copper is such a soft metal, will it break?

No. A copper wire on its own will break, but ElectroBraid® is engineered to braid copper wires into a cushion of polyester fiber. The copper is braided into the outer jacket in two opposing directions that cross three times per inch. The copper wires form two helical coils like springs. This construction allows bend and stretch, without putting strain on the copper itself. In fact, under extreme tension, ElectroBraid® itself will break before the copper wires. Copper is 70 times more conductive than stainless steel.

Does copper rust?

No. Pure copper oxidizes but only on the surface in the form of a dark green patina. Like paint, this thin coating of oxidization prevents any further oxidization. Surface oxidation does not weaken the copper nor does it reduce electrical conductivity. Pure copper, as used in ElectroBraid® , has been known to last hundreds of years, such as copper roofs on buildings. Copper is, of course, the metal used in household electrical wiring.

Will the sun affect the polyester jacket?

No. The high-grade polyester we use is virtually unaffected by sunlight. That is why it is used for seat belts, cargo straps, parachute harness and other safety applications. Over time, the ® will yellow slightly but this will not reduce its strength. An independent laboratory subjected ElectroBraid® to a standard ASTM test for extreme ultra violet (UV) radiation and there was no product deterioration.

How long can I expect the ElectroBraid® Fence to last?

Based on independent laboratory tests, we confidently provide a 25-year Performance Warranty that ElectroBraid® will not rust, rot, lose strength due to sunlight or weathering, or break in a normal permanent fence installation.

Do I have to stop weeds from growing up around ElectroBraid® ?

Yes. ElectroBraid® is not significantly affected by grass growing up around it. The copper conductor is only a small percentage of the ElectroBraid® surface area. Therefore, you don't have to spend a lot of time mowing under the ElectroBraid® fence. However, heavy, wet tuffs of grass, bushes or branches pressing against ElectroBraid® can drain power and cause a loss of voltage. At least once a year, weeds, bushes and tree branches should be cleared from the immediate fence area.

Note: Routine voltage testing of the fence is a good indicator as to when to mow.



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