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ElectroBraid® Horse Fence is America's #1 Electric Horse Fence

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ElectroBraid™ is an easily installed, permanent electric fencing system designed to provide a safe and secure horse fence. It is strong and durable and a fraction of the cost of many other fencing systems.

Our Mission is to build safe fences for horses. Many prominent equine vets say ElectroBraid™ is one of the safest horse fences. The ElectroBraid™ Fence System is designed to secure horses safely. There are no sharp points or hard edges; no boards to break or splinter.

ElectroBraid™ combines resilience with barrier strength. Like a boxing ring, ElectroBraid™ absorbs force and springs back. The fence features an outer braided jacket made of a high-grade UV-resistant polyester fiber -- the same type used in seat belts and parachute harnesses. It is smooth like a seat belt. This polyester fibre is dimensionally stable; after stretching, it returns to its original length. ElectroBraid™ uses pure copper wire conductors forming a helical-coil or spring-like shape within the braid. This allows the wire conductor to stretch and bend while letting the braid's fiber strands take all the tension. As a result, ElectroBraid™ can absorb the energy of a panicked horse at a gallop and bounce the horse back with no harm to horse or fence.

The ropes of the ElectroBraid™ are highly visible. At the same time, the fencing doesn't feel restrictive to horses. As herd animals, horses are born to roam free in wide-open spaces. With ElectroBraid™ fence, horses can see each other. Stallions can see their mares. There are no places for predators to hide, and horses won't pace up and down their fence line. Owners say horses are more relaxed, because they can see you and you can see them.

ElectroBraid™ has been in the market for over 25 years and the design, materials and manufacturing care have allowed us to stand behind a 25 year warranty that entire time.

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